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Friday, 21 February 2014

Dear Hugo: Eleven months old

Dearest Hugo,

Wow, they say the early days are fleeting with a baby and i've never felt it to be more true than now, as I reflect on this past year. You're crawling around and pulling up onto everything, exploring your world with gusto. You love music and 'dancing', using me as a climbing frame, Bronco the labrador, 'birdies' and my boobs when it's sleep time. 

You like playing with food just as much as eating it, and the high chair 'car ride' to the sink to cleanup is the highlight of mealtimes; you squeal with excitement! Your favourite books are 'Noni the pony' and 'Moo, Baa, La La La'. At bedtime we read 'Kissed by the moon'. 

So far you've been in an aeroplane twice, to Western Australia and Tasmania, and you've camped in a tent and campervan. You adapt really well to new environments and you give a beaming smile to just about everyone. 

You clearly recognise the 'light', 'fan', 'dog' and 'water', and your dad thinks you've got 'mum' down pat too. Or rather, 'mum-mum-mum-mum'! You like pinching your dad, giving open mouth 'kisses', standing in the bath, putting everything in your mouth and keys. You don't like going to sleep, having your nappy changed or getting dressed.  

You're a determined, sweet and funny little person who fills our home and hearts with love and laughter every day. Raising you is our greatest privilege and our greatest responsibility and we feel so incredibly blessed to have you in our lives.


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