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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Dear Hugo: 16 months

Dear Hugo,

I write these words in between glancing at you cuddled in my arms, your eyes and body heavy with approaching sleep. I hold you now just as I've done almost every night for the past sixteen months, as we wait for sleep to come and I whisper words of love to you, sweet boy.

Your days are full of walking, talking, exploring and learning now, and you leave us in awe. You understand so much; any question I ask you respond with a nod or shake of your head. Your favorite word is "up" which you say 1,000 times a day. Closely followed by "Mama" and "Deh" (dad). You have a borderline obsessive fascination with the thermomix, 'big saw' and sodastream, thanks to some fun actions your dad has taught you. You give out hugs liberally, and kisses too, and display a confident charm and friendliness around others. 

You still love your milk, which is now just 'bedtime milk' and 'in the morning when we hear the birdies' milk. You've adapted so well to the changes we've made, and I think your dad secretly relishes the responsibility of snuggling in with you at night. You first slept through the night at 15 months (to 5.30am, when we got up early to take you to the snow for the first time). It was a strange thing to wakeup without you climbing all over us! 

Your favorite 'toy' is the Thermomix, and you love the sound horses make (neiggghhhh!), trains, trucks (especially the rubbish truck), and cars. You can find a beat in anything and we love an impromptu dance party in the lounge room. You also love to read, which makes my heart sing.
Every day you challenge me to be a more authentic version of myself, you inspire me with your joy, and fill me with such immense love. 

Thank you, my sweet boy. 

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