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Monday, 13 October 2014

Wellness Family Summit: Free online event

Attending the Wellness Summit in Melbourne was a life-changing event for me. In the two months since, I've cut out gluten from my diet completely, I practice yoga every day, and I have a renewed sense of purpose and direction. This experience has demonstrated for me just how powerful knowledge and commitment can be in taking charge of our own health.
An event based in the US, The Wellness Family Summit brings together 30 experts in the field of health and wellness to deliver talks on autoimmune disease, thyroid and adrenal health, how food affects children's behaviour, reversing leaky gut and much, much more. A free event running October 13-20, this is an amazing opportunity to expand your knowledge and create change for yourself. Below is a snapshot of just some of the presentations that are going to be available. 
If you register for the event, you'll be able to stream any presentation you like for a 48 hour period. After that, you can purchase digital access for unlimited viewing if desired.
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The event has been organised by Katie from www.wellnessmama.com who says,  “I wanted to create a resource that would make the journey easier for other families than it was for me, and that would be a one-stop resource for switching to a healthier, more natural lifestyle without breaking the bank.”
I can't wait to get stuck into it! If you're interested too - register now

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